Our 5th year at Aalborg Sustainability Festival

Our 5th year at Aalborg Sustainability Festival

Earlier this year we changed our name, switched to the now royal blue eco colors as we became part of a larger player in the LED market, but despite of the new chapter in the book, we can assure that the same green, sustainable focus sets the framework and characterizes the company to this day.

With long-term visions many challenges follows, but for Ecobility the most important thing is to take responsibility for our own existence as a sustainable company. Ever since the beginning our mission has been to make a difference for the companies’ climate imprint with energy-efficient lighting and thereby through knowledge sharing and innovative technology, across different business’, help inspire one another. Aalborg Sustainability festival 2019 is an enriching initiative for both companies and private citizens who want to be updated with new green ideas and maybe find inspiration for their own business operation and everyday life.

For us, it is of course obvious, that energy and sustainability go hand in hand, and we look very much forward to communicating it to the visitors at eye level – making it easier to recognize. For the 5th year in a row, you can find us at our exhibition stand, Saturday the 14th of September from 10 – 15 o’clock.

Just look for the Eco-blue colors and drop by for a nice energy-efficient talk in what we hope to be nice late summer weather. We will bring a couple of fun surprises for both adults and children.

Let’s inspire each other – together we make a difference.


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